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Back in 1974, Tomoyuki Ikenaga started by setting up a Chinese restaurant but it was prepared by Japanese chefs, getting different flavors, since in those times it was practically impossible to offer quality Japanese food due to the scarcity of raw materials and above all because of the gastronomic difference between Spain and Japan.

By 1992 it began and could be included in the letter the most representative Japanese dishes, homemade and popular because they already understood Japanese food as healthy and an alternative to the Mediterranean diet and not something where they ate raw and cold things. Thus, unintentionally, we became the first restaurant in Europe to offer Chinese and Japanese food. Hence, in our current letter dishes of both nationalities remain, and hence our customers, who began tasting when they came as children with their parents, after boyfriends with their partners and to this day with their grandchildren, have included gastronomy Japanese and Chinese already in their diet.


Tomoyuki Ikenaga started by setting up a restaurant with Chinese food but made by Japanese chefs.


Janatomo becomes the first restaurant in Europe to offer Chinese and Japanese food.


Currently the place is run by the chef Hitoshi Ikenaga </ em> and his Taiwanese wife, Shu Ling, in charge of the room.

The Chef

The intention of Hitoshi Ikenaga, the Chef of Janatomo, is to be able to offer traditional Japanese food without pretensions, respecting its bases and forms in the most simple and traditional way. Taking advantage of the West’s interest in the oriental world, its goal is to make known a Japanese culture that goes beyond the “japs” and sushis that appear in the typical manga comics, as well as in Japanese cinema and literature in general. We invite you to a distant trip through the palate …

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